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About Me

I Am Vinod Tiwari

Vinod Tiwari is currently working as Engineering Director with a specialized UAE based company. A true veteran in renewable solar power, he has been leading this market since 2012. He is considered a figure of authority for his technological know-how expertise in the field of solar energy and electrical storage devices.

28+ Years

UAE # 1 Entrepreneurship Consultant

Vinod Tiwari life journey has been like a Roller-Coaster in itself, His story is of personal loses, failures, rejections, disgust, relationship challenges, suicidal tendencies, but he bounces back every time which has inspired thousands of people across the globe.
He believe that, the biggest asset in the world is your mindset. You can create a winning entrepreneurship mindset to achieve success in any of the Circumstances. The depth of your Conviction is deciding the height of your success. You can conquer the world.

Innovative Solar Energy Expert Awardee

For an exemplary contribution for Off Grid type Solar Power System, Vinod got awarded as “Most Innovative Solar Energy Expert of the Year” by IBA at Atlantis, The Palm in Sep’19. It is one of the rarest awards in the category of Renewable Power which was presented at the biggest business awards show in UAE.
He was honored to receive it by Ms. Karishma Kapoor, Mr. Rajeev Shukla, Mr. Gajendra Chauhan with the auspicious presence of famous dignitaries from UAE/ India..

Amazon Bestselling Author

In the beginning of year 2019, he was able to dig out his wisdom to unveil success secrets in the form of book “From Dreaming to Achieving, in LIFE" after a struggle of 6 years.
During the journey he learned the techniques of writing a book and decided to help people to write and publish their own book and become bestselling author in guaranteed 60 days.
The step-by-step course is successfully running on Udemy. Join free webinar and discover the writer within you.

Regional Mentor of Change(AIM)

To support the Indian Government flagship initiative of Atal Tinkering Lab, Mr. Vinod got selected as a ‘Regional - Mentor of Change’ for Gujarat State by NITI Aayog, Atal Innovation Mission team for supporting, training, and mentoring state mentors.
He is deeply involved to motivate the children of grade 6 to 12 to spur the spark of creativity and go beyond regular curriculum learning for becoming student innovator and student entrepreneur.

Motivational Speaker

Vinod Tiwari has coached leaders across geographic locations and delivered around 145 plus talks on technical/ motivation/ entrepreneurship/ leadership in various industry forums and conventions. Consecutively last 3 years, he is regularly invited to be a keynote speaker at the Solar Talk show of Big-5 exhibition at Dubai WTC.
His thought provoking sessions, keynote speeches are interactive and blended with real life cases, stories, videos, and experiential games. His unique entertaining style of delivery is backed up with high quality content to make it more participative.

NRI Nominee – PBS Award’20

Vinod Tiwari has been nominated for the highest honored overseas Indian Award – ‘Pravasi Bhartiya Samman Award 2020’ for his exceptional and meritorious contribution under the category of ‘Supporting India’s causes and concerns in a Tangible Way’.
He expressed his gratitude to H.E. Pavan Kapoor -Indian Ambassador of UAE, Dr. Aman Puri -Consul General of India, UAE Embassy Staff, NITI Aayog Team, Ministry of External Affairs -New Delhi Team, PMO Office, Delhi Staff, Dr. S. Jaishankar -External Affairs Minister, Shri Ram Nath Kovind -Hon’ble President of India and Shri Narendra Modi -Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.